Google Snake Mod, Best mods for 2023

I still have a flashback to when I used to play with red and white dots to feed my snake and to increase reward. You can play different Google Snake Mod to amuse yourselves. But now the advancement is also made in this game. Let’s see how this game works!

How to get google snake mod?

I have simple and easy steps for you on how to add google snake mod on your device. Have a look at them!

Step 1: Firstly, you have to install Google Snake Mod from Github

Step 2: Now, you have to install Moremenu.html to your laptop or computer whatever the device you are using.

Step 3: Press “CTRL+SHIFT+O” in order to open the bookmark menu.

Step 4: Import the downloaded file by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Now enter the snake game in google search bar and play it. Click on the settings icon and select “Favorites” from the 3-dot menu.

Step 6: Click “More Menu Stuff” in the “Imported” folder by scrolling down. 

Unique and Best Google Snake mods

Google Snake Menu Mod

You are allowed to make different changes in this unique mod. You can change the speed as well as the color of the map, characters and other items.

Dark Mod

Dark mod is the best option for those who would love to play in black themes. Click on the link for direct access to dark mod.

Animated Colors Mod

Everyone wants an attractive graphical user interface to more engagement. You can modify the Google Snake game’s background so that it has moving colors. 

Cheese Mod

You can use cheese mod to add more spice in your gaming experience. There is a lot of unpredictable content like a snake which is only active in specific locations. 

Delete Stuff Mod

You can remove various components in this amazing mode. You can remove anything from the background as well as the snake-like eyes, body, and other parts of the snake.

Mouse Mod For Google Snake

You are allowed to move in any direction by using the mouse instead of just moving in left, right with the keyboard. This is a wonderful mod especially for those who love to move freely. 

Wrapping up

I think I have provided enough information on google snake mod. I have covered all the aspects by remembering your queries. You can enjoy these amazing mods without any worry. Stay with us for further blogs.

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