How to Delete Someone Else’s Twitter

Twitter which is not the world’s 16th most popular Social media platform having 345 Million users is an insanely great platform. Personally speaking, I like Twitter more than another platform.

It’s a good platform for sharing your point of view on the current world’s happenings. It has a huge audience and influence and this is the unique feature of Twitter by which it stands out as one of the greatest platforms ever. At the time of writing this article, Twitter is acquired by Elon Musk.

There are some times that some people try to offend you by any means. They might be commenting false things on your Twitter account and it’s not good for you and your audience. Your influence is hurt badly.

Here’s what to do if you are dealing with such a situation.

How to Delete Someone Else’s Twitter

There isn’t a GIG or service or any step-by-step guide available to delete the target account. But there are some steps you can follow in order to delete someone else Twitter account.

If the Tweet is reported as spam or abuse, the Twitter spam team will remove the tweet within a couple of hours. The second thing you can do is to chat with Twitter’s support team in order to resolve the matter.

Twitter spam and support team is very supportive as always and they are always available to assist you in your hour of need. If you are passing through some tough circumstances or if someone is damaging your reputation by any means you should immediately let the twitter support team know and they will help you solve the matter.

How much time It will take to Delete Twitter Account

If the case is important and you have let the Twitter team know then it should be resolved within a couple of hours. As I have stated above the Twitter support staff is really supportive and they are ready to help you in the hour of need.

They will remove the tweet and if the account holder is rapidly damaging your reputation in the market by doing false commenting without facts then you should definitely let the support staff know and I’m pretty sure that they will help you.

Twitter vs Instagram

For some people, Twitter is the #1 Platform depending on their choice and for some people, Instagram is their choice. Both platforms are developed for different purposes and we can’t relate them. This is a most asked question that have been asked numerous times so we are answering this at the very end of the blog post.


Many people have asked us if someone is doing false comments on their Twitter profile and it’s disturbing for them as they are not accused of what is being reported by the BOT account and they wanted to solve the issue.

There are two ways to get this issue resolved, either by reporting the account to a good number of people or by contacting the Twitter support team. Contacting support staff is an easy and time-saving step and I should recommend you to contact twitter staff to resolve your issue.

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