E INK is Going to Launch Large-Screen Kaleido 3 Outdoor tech in 2024

What? E Ink is going to launch large-screen kaleido 3 outdoor tech in 2024? Yes! You have heard the truth because surprisingly this news is absolutely genuine.

E ink kaleido outdoor e paper announcement

E INK has announced the release of the Kaleido 3 Outdoor e-paper in April 2023. Outside, the corporation generally uses this color technique on 13- to 15-inch panels. Because it is new, acceptance is normally slow. It’s used on road signs in Sydney, Australia. 

E INK has revealed that even larger screens, measuring 75 and 85 inches, are being created. They intend to use this new e-paper to serve clients who require massive marketing boards.

E INK is bullish on the increasing tempo of e-paper gadgets for advertising billboards. It also intends to create larger-sized items. To accomplish this, the organization has implemented a number of new technologies. Spectra 6 technology is appropriate for in-store advertisements including indoor billboards and replacing paper posters.

YouTube video on E INK large-screen Kaleido 3 Outdoor tech

It is primarily intended for DOOH billboard usage, as is the Kaleido 3 Outdoor color printing e-paper technology. If you want large size items then you have to wait a little more.

E Ink Kaleido 3 Outdoor provides vibrant color image details and crisp text, resulting in an appealing and soothing color digital content viewing experience with a visual impact comparable to that of color-printed paper signs. 

The operational temperature range of the E Ink Kaleido 3 Outdoor is -15°C to 65°C, allowing it to operate in extremely cold or hot places without the need for expensive, high-energy-consuming heating or cooling technologies, reducing additional power usage.

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