How To Delete Fetch Rewards Account (Solved) 2022 [Updated]

Hello there, In this article, I’ll be talking about how you can delete fetch rewards account and along with that I’ll also going to share a video tutorial that helps you in deleting your fetch rewards account.

Enough talk…. Let’s dive straight in:

Now, I’m about to share a few steps guide that you have to follow if you are willing to delete fetch rewards account without any hustle.

Delete Fetch Rewards Account

Fetch Rewards is like Savyour App that gives reward when you purchase stuff. Pretty simple right but the thing that people find difficult is how to delete fetch rewards account and that’s the reason why I’m writing this article

Here’s the quicket way to get the job done.

  • Open your Gmail Account, click Compose
  • Now, in To write
  • In the Subject Line, type Request To Delete My Account
  • Now, Type the Reason and Hit Send

Now, after some time you’ll receive some message saying that your Fetch Rewards account has been deleted successfully.

They haven’t posted a guide themselves on their website and there is no option available for deleting the account so this is the only tested way that can help you to delete your fetch rewards account.

Youtube Video Explaing How To Delete Fetch Rewards Account.

Email Template

Now most people find themselves in trouble and started thinking what to write and what not to but why I’m here? To make this EASY…

Yes, you’ve heard that right and I’m about to share an Email Template that you can modify and send. Here’s it is:

Dear Fetch Rewards team,

I don’t intend to use my Fetch Rewards account anymore, so kindly delete my account permanently.

I’m emailing you by the same Email on which my Fetch Rewards Account is Registered and the username is [username]

Kind regards,

[Your name]

Why There’s No Direct Delete Option

Well, there is no obvious answer for that so we can’t say anything about that but if you feel uncomfortable with having an open Fetch Rewards account you can get it closed by following the instructions above.

How Many Fetch Rewards Accounts can you Open

Well, on one email you can open only one account just like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and any other service. If you want to have more than one account you can open that with another email.

Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Yes, Fetch Rewards has a huge user base and it’s a completely legit company that does have more than 4 Start Rating and hundreds of thousands of downloads and so there isn’t such a question araise in such situations whether it’s a legit company or not.

How Much is 1000 Points in Fetch Rewards?

Well, 1000 Fetch Reward points are equal to 1$ but you can use the points to get other stuff which is great.

What’s the Minimum Withdrawl in Fetch Rewards?

The Minimum Withdrawl in Fetch Rewards is about 3$ so you need to have about 3000 points in Fetch Rewards to actually get a payout and it takes a lot of time in getting 3000 points. Really.

Does the Fetch Rewards Point Expires?

Yes, after 60 days of inactivity with the coins they actually expires. Also in other apps like Darazthe points expire way more faster than in Fetch Rewards and it’s better to use them in the first 30 days.

Final Words

In this article we have talked about fetch rewards, How we can delete fetch reward account and I’ve explained in step-by-step process along with a video tutorial to make is easy to understand.

Then I’ve shared a tempate that you can used for contacting the support team and after we talked about some FAQs. I hope it helps you and if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments and we’ll make sure that we reply to you as soon as posssible.

Feel free to share this article and also don’t forget to read our last one here: Archive IGTV Video and stay tuned

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