How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung A51

We all have had an Android phone in our lives and may have heard of technical terms like Booting an Android phone, Changing Firmware of an Android Phone and Unlocking the bootloader of an Android phone.

A Bootloader is a tool or software that loads the Operating System every time your phone starts up. It’s similar to the BIOS menu on Windows machines.

What is Unlocking Bootloader?

Installing a Custom ROM on your Android phone bypasses the operating system and provides you with full root access so that you can install anything and customize the phone to your liking.

Some power users always wanted to unlock the bootloader and root the phone so they can customize everything with their own taste and style. You can modify the firmware, block all advertisements, install themes, and install some of the most powerful apps like plugins for changing IMEIs.

Advantages of Unlocking Bootloader

We have just talked about why people want to unlock the bootloader, to get root access. They don’t like the UI of their phone, annoying ads and apps and some custom recovery softwares like TWRP Recovery.

  • By unlocking bootloader you can Uninstall any Preinstalled system apps. If you buy a phone from Xiomi, Infinix, Techno, Lava or Lenovo you’ll probably find a lot of useless preinstalled software that is built into the mobile phone. You can only remove that once you root the device.
  • You can remove all the ads that are popping in Android Apps just by rooting your phone and installing a Magisk Ad Blocker Module.
  • After unlocking the bootloader, you can now install the TWRP Recovery App. If you want to root your Android device most experts will always recommend you to take a complete backup of your phone including System Data, Bootloader and Private data. You can restore the original system very easily.
  • Another big advantage of Unlocking Bootloader is that you can install Custom Rom in Android without PC and a lot of people prefers Custom ROM like LineageOS, Havoc, and Pixel Experience.

Disadvantages of Unlocking Bootloader

As we have discussed the advantages of Unlocking bootloader, now it’s time to study the second side of the story, Disadvantages of Unlocking Bootloader. Here are some Disadvantages:

  • When people don’t have knowledge of proper rooting they ended up getting many bugs and losing data. Some people watch a video from YouTube on How to Root your Android phone and they think they have enough knowledge of rooting the phone so they root it and don’t have backup or they don’t have proper knowledge of flashing ROM and installing custom recoveries.
  • Some people end up getting an error when flashing their phones with Orange Fox recovery such as the phone rebooting or not connecting to the computer.
  • Banking apps won’t work like Paypal, Payoneer or Wise. Infact, any Banking app won’t work on Rooted devices Nowadays. You have to adjust some settings and modules in Magisk and that’s complicated for the end user. So, that’s a big disadvantage.
  • Another big issue is Security. Anyone then can install some kind of recovery software and get access of your Data. That’s why Bootloader comes unlocked for all Phones.

How to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung A51

Now, let’s talk about our main topic, How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung A51. Well, it’s way too simple trust me. Just follow these steps and voila you’ll have your Bootloader Unlocked just by following the steps discussed below:

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

First thing you need to do is to Enable Developer Options by:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to About Phone.

3. Now, Go to Software Information.

4. Tap 7 times on Build Number.

5. Done.

Step 2: Enable OEM Unblocking on Samsung Galaxy A51

The second step is to Enable OEM Unblocking.

  1. Go to Developer Options just below About Phone.
  2. Enable OEM Unblocking Toogle.
  3. Click Turn On in the Confirmation Dialog Box.

Step 3: Booting to Download Mode

Boot your Samsung Galaxy A51 to Download mode. Follow these steps

  1. Power Off your Device.
  2. Press Power On + Volume Up.
  3. Press again Volume Up button for few seconds to confirm

It’ll again ask for confirmation that all your data will be Wiped Out if you confirm it. Please Volume Up and wait a few seconds, your phone will reboot and that’s it, you have now successfully unlocked the Bootloader of your Samsung Galaxy A51.

Is it Safe to Unlock Bootloader?

Yes, it’s Safe to Unlock Bootloader. But if you don’t have proper knowledge of Unlocking the Bootloader then it’s risky. You can lost your data too. You should give your phone to someone who is expert in it and that’s fine.

I suggest you not to Unlock your Bootloader just by watching YouTube video if you have an Expensive phone or have some kind of Important data in it.

Do Factory reset again Lock the Bootloader?

No, It’ll stay Unlocked. Flashing a new firmware or doing a Factory reset doesn’t Lock the Bootloader. If you wish to lock it again, you can do so by turning off the OEM Unlock Button.


So we have talked briefly about Android Bootloader, Unlocking Bootloader, Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlocking Bootloader, Security Issues of Unlocking the Bootloader, Steps for Unlocking Bootloader in Samsung A51.

I hope, this guide helps a lot. If you have any questions regarding it, Feel free to comment below, I’ll more than happy to answer your Question. 😉

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