How to Unlock Simple Mobile Phone Free in 2023

Do you want to unlock simple mobile phone for free? Just relax and read our blog. Believe me unlocking a simple mobile phone is simpler than you might think. 

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the process to unlock simple mobile phone for free. So sit on your comfortable sofa and learn how to simplify your life today by unlocking your simple mobile phone.

How to unlock simple mobile phone

You need to know these three important points before unlocking a mobile phone. Have a look at them!

  1. Check whether your phone is unlockable. It must have been active with Simple Mobile service for at least 90 days to unlock. Most importantly, your account must be in good standing and you cannot owe Simple Mobile any overdue balances.
  2. You have to contact Simple Mobile customer service to obtain an unlock code. Make sure you have your account information ready when you phone or chat with customer service.
  3. Now you have to enter your phone’s unlock code and enjoy your unlocked device. Start using your unlocked handset with any carrier of your choosing. 
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Tips and Tricks for Unlocking a Simple Mobile Phone

I think that this part is beneficial for you if you are looking to unlock a simple mobile. Keep reading our guide to know some tips before unlocking!

  • Learn about your carrier’s unlocking policies. Because Simple Mobile is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, you must contact T-Mobile to see whether they would unlock your phone.
  • If your carrier agrees to unlock your phone, you will be given an unlock code. Before you continue, make sure you have this code.
  • Once you have obtained the code, visit Simple Mobile’s website and input it in the “Unlock Code” area. Then press “Submit.”
  • Your phone has been unlocked! It is compatible with any GSM carrier.

Problems and their solutions while unlocking mobile phone

I have spent hours and hours trying to find the solution of some common problems and finally I succeed. Here are a couple of common problems and their solutions:

Phone is not working with another carrier

Ensure that the phone is compatible with the network of the new carrier. If so, contact customer service for assistance in activating the phone on the new network.

Trouble in connecting to the internet or making calls

Restart the phone and check for a strong signal. Contact customer service if the problem remains. 

Phone is not working with certain features like visual voicemail or Wi-Fi calling

Check with your new carrier to determine whether these services are available and if your phone is compatible with them. If they are, double-check that you have properly configured them. If you’re still having problems, contact customer service.


What is the SIM network unlock PIN for simple mobile?

The SIM network unlock PIN, often known as an unlock code, is a one-of-a-kind numeric code necessary to unlock a basic mobile phone from a specific carrier. 

This code is typically supplied by the carrier or obtained from a reliable unlocking provider. It enables you to use the phone with SIM cards from other carriers, allowing you to connect to many networks on your handset.

Is Simple Mobile part of T-Mobile?

Simple Mobile and T-Mobile are both subsidiaries of the same parent firm that owns Tracfone. Because of this relationship, Simple Mobile is permitted to operate on the T-Mobile network.

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