How to Unsend Video Call on Instagram? Best Method for 2023

Want to know about how to unsend video call on instagram or you can also ask that how to delete Instagram call history permannetly ? Keep reading our guide to become fully aware about it. For your convince, we have also share a youtube video that might help for better understanding….

How to Unsend Video Call on Instagram?

It is possible to unsend a video call that you unintentionally started. Open the chat screen and slide left to access the call history in order to end a video conference. You can tap the button to erase a video call when you see it there. Use the Delete option to end the video call.

On Instagram, tapping Unsend a video does not remove it from your profile. Just the recipient’s inbox will be deleted. However, the content will remain on Instagram servers

You must tap the paper plane icon in the top right corner of the feed on your home page in order to delete the message. The Unsend icon can be tapped similarly. After completing that, you can completely turn off video call notifications.

YouTube video on how to unsend video call on instagram

How to Unsend a Video Call on Messenger?

You might be wondering how to delete the message if you got a notification that someone wanted to make a video call on your Instagram account. A message sent through the chat box cannot be revoked. 

However you can disable or cancel the video connection entirely. Tap the icon with the three horizontal lines after opening your profile. After that, select Settings. To disable the function, select “Unsend” or “Disable Video Call.”

How to Unsend Missed Video Call on Messenger?

Use these instructions to unsend a missed video call on messenger. Open your profile first, then click the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner. Next select the Settings icon. Once there, select “Stop” from the menu. You’ll be prompted to indicate whether you want to keep the video chat going or end it.

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