iphone Camera Blinking: 7 Amazing ways to Fix

Is your iPhone camera blinking constantly? Don’t worry because I am already aware of this problem and come up with 7 amazing and unique ways by which you can easily fix your problem.

Why is my iPhone 14 camera blinking?

You may experience camera blinking on iPhone 14 and iPhone 13. Camera blinking is caused due to macro mode that switches automatically. 

Another possible cause is exposure problems when taking images in bright lights. As your camera attempts to maintain automatic exposure and works to find the proper balance, you may notice flashing or blinking in your viewfinder.

And the last according to my search is that your iPhone needs an iOS update and is lacking some updated features.

How to fix iPhone camera blinking?

Solution 1: Disable Macro Mode

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models automatically activate Macro mode. This allows you to capture a clearer image with more information. 

Your iPhone occasionally struggles to attain precise focus and switches between its Wide and Ultra Wide lenses causing the camera to flicker. 

Then you may require to disable macro mode. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Open Settings and then select Camera.

Step 2: Turn off Macro Control by tapping it.

After doing it, go back to the camera and check whether the blinking is stopped. If not, it could be a problem with exposure. 

Solution 2: Balance the exposure

It’s also possible that the flickering or blinking isn’t caused by your iPhone camera. It may be because of the lighting in the room. Your iPhone camera attempts to maintain automatic exposure and works to establish the right balance in low-light situations. As a result, you may notice flashing or blinking. 

The only method to stop your iPhone camera blinking is to change the exposure.

Solution 3: Lock the camera

If you see camera flickering when shooting a video, it could be because your iPhone is unable to select the optimum lens for the job. You must lock your camera to prevent it from switching while filming.

Step 1: Click to Settings Camera Record Video.

Step 2: Enable Camera Lock.

Solution 4: Disable live photos

You can record for 1.5 seconds before and after you take a photo using live photos. This function occasionally disrupts your photographs. So, you have to disable live photos by following below steps:

Step1: Switch to Photo mode on the Camera.

Step2: Tap the circle icon in the top right corner and live photos will be stopped.

YouTube video on iPhone camera blinking

Solution 5: Update iOS

Keep in mind that every iOS version adds new features and improvements to system apps in order to improve stability. If you do not apply updates on a regular basis, your iPhone might stop working. 

Step 1: Navigate to Settings General Software Update.

Step 2: If an update is available, select Download and Install.

Solution 6: Restart your iPhone

Software bugs can occasionally cause the iPhone camera blinking. This can occur after an iOS upgrade or if the camera app contains problems. Restarting your iPhone is the best approach to resolve these temporary issues. 

Solution 7: Contact Apple Support

If all the above solutions don’t seem to work then there could be a hardware problem with your iPhone camera. If your optical stabilization mechanism fails, the camera will flicker.

I recommend contacting Apple Support or scheduling a Genius Bar appointment to have your iPhone physically examined. 

Final Words

Your iPhone camera blinking problem prevents you from recording priceless moments. But you can easily troubleshoot and determine the possible reasons for the problem and take the required actions to resolve it as soon as feasible. A little patience is required while doing so. But if you can’t resolve the problem after reading our guide then contact us. I would love to solve your problem.

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