How to Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop 2022 [Guide]

Lenovo, like other big-name tech companies, has struggled to stay relevant in recent years. The company is looking to change its image in the eyes of the public.

It’s been nearly two years since Lenovo took the helm at the top of its industry, and the company has yet to fully shake the stench of a $13.75 billion takeover by Chinese firm Foxconn. But that doesn’t mean that the company is going to stand still. In fact, it’s doubling down on its efforts to improve its public image and appeal to consumers. 

You have been looking for a way to remove the battery of your laptop. So, you came across some videos showing how to do it using a knife. Some say it is not a good idea and might harm the laptop.

Others say its safe to use. But, one thing is for sure, it will not harm your laptop at all. So, if you have already tried everything else and still unable to get your battery removed from your laptop, then you are at the right place.

This is just a quick tutorial to show you How to Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop easily without having to break it apart.

If you have a Lenovo laptop and want to know how you can get rid of the battery, then this is for you. This guide shows you how to remove the battery from a Lenovo laptop. If you have a Lenovo laptop and want to know how you can replace the battery, then read below. 

How to Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop [Internal]

The internal battery of your laptop is essential. Without it, your laptop will not work. The battery is usually installed in the back side of the laptop. To remove the battery, you must first open up the back of your laptop. Once that is done, you will see the battery and you can pull it off.

Step 1. Open the case and Disconnect all Peripherals

I’m assuming you’re familiar with how to open a laptop case. Just flip it and remove all the screws using a screwdriver and it’ll be opened. Disconnect all the Peripherals that are connected to the laptop. Most of the time, laptops have a hard time being opened. This means that you need to have special tools to open the case.

In some cases, you need a special tool known as a Torx driver. You can buy these tools at your local hardware store. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of buying the right tools, you can always borrow them from your neighbor.

Step 2. Pull out the battery

As you’ve opned the case of the lapotp you can now see the battery that is in the laptop. Just remove the wires connected to it and you’re good to go. Make sure that the laptop is turned off when you are taking out the battery. If you are having a problem with pulling out the battery, you can take it to a nearest repair shop. The technician can replace it for you.

Step 3. Replace the battery

 You can now replace the battery of your laptop. A battery replacement can help you increase your laptop’s battery life and extend its lifespan. It is very important to replace the battery of the laptop after two years. This is because the battery may not be working correctly. In some cases, the battery may be dead. 

How to Remove Lenovo Laptop Battery [External]

External batteries are the easiest to deal with. We’ll only find an internal battery situation in most laptops. We need to open the case and pull out the battery to replace that.

If you have a Laptop having an External battery, you can easily buy a new one and then replace the current one. Their is a lock situated just near the battery and when you open the lock, you’ll see that the battery is ejected and you can insert the new battery easily.


In conclusion, Battery life is something which all laptop users look forward to when buying a laptop or android. They hope that the laptop battery will last long enough so that they can use it on a long trip and still have enough juice to make it back home.

It’s not surprising that they spend hours surfing the web on their laptop. However, once the laptop battery has reached its maximum capacity, it’s not only annoying but also inconvenient. 

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