How to Send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin (Solved 2022)

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin. This is going to be really starightforward tutorial and easy to follow guide so you can learn it easily.

Send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin

If you want to add someone in the group, there are 2 ways to do this. One is you share the link to that person whom you wanna add in the group and the Second is to add the manually by going into the group and selecting add participants to add them in the group.

Method 1: Find the Group Link Somewhere and Invite

You are added in the group either by Add Participants option and either by joining link that you might have got from Facebook, Instagram or someone forwarded it to you through Whatsapp.

Now if you wanted your friend to join the group all you need to do is forward that joining link to him. But let’s talk about if you aren’t added by the link and also don’t have the link.

Open the Group, and see the notifications that comes in the group everytime someone joins the group. It’s be like “John Joined the Group”

Now here’s the fun part, you can DM John and ask him to provide you the link. This way you can get the Invite Link and then you can share it with your friend or any other reason you want the invite for.

Method 2: Ask Group Participants How They Joined the Group

Above, I’ve given a sneak peak of what I’m going to describe here. It’s really fun hack where you message all of your friends asking them how they joined the group and then if you are lucky you’ll get the join link simply.

Method 3: Ask the Admin to Share the Join Link with You

You can message the admin of the group and explain him why you need the invite link. Once you explain him your cause, he’ll share the Joining Link with you which in return you can share it with your particular friend for whom you are putting this much effort so he can join.

How to Send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin (Video Tutorial)

If you haven’t understand the above, you can watch this video that explains a lot about sending whatsapp Group Invite Link. It’s simple and easy to follow and implement.

Youtube Video Explaining How to Send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin

Follow these steps if you don’t understand English.

Final Words

It’s really fun to write such guides, these guides are a little but technical but we make sure that these guides are simple enough that everyone with basic computing knowledge can understand it and follow the steps and methods we are sharing.

In this article, we have talked about some methods by which you can send Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin access to your friends to add them in the group. As a matter of fact, we have talked about 3 methods.

If you have followed the steps and have a bit of confusion that you wanted to ask, feel free to ask us in the comment section and I’ll personally make sure that you get reply from our Technical Team within 48 hours. Also don’t forget to read and share our last article on: GTA 5 Prologue APK for Android Device.

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