What is Com Android Server Telecom? Complete and Ultimate Guide for 2023

Do you want to know what is com android server telecom and how it is used? I am here with the complete guide of com android server telecom. Stay with us till the end of the blog.

What is com android server telecom?

Com Android Server Telecom is a built-in server that is responsible for controlling phone calls, routing and upkeep of a connection between devices. This server also offers user interface elements and supports calling capabilities including caller ID blocking and conference calling. 

You might be curious as to how it exactly works. The Android telecom server establishes a connection as soon as you press Call. Even if you hit the Call button, calls won’t be placed if the feature doesn’t activate. 

What is com android server telecom used for?

I wanted to go into more detail about what the telephony server does before I get to fixing any issues you might be having with it. You can see how important it is to your Android operating system by doing this.

Call management

This android server is used to manage phone calls and allows you to add new contacts, conduct outgoing and incoming calls and track call history.

It offers a number of call management options including the ability to enable or disable call waiting, display caller ID information and select the ringtone to be used for receiving calls.

Call Details 

You can see some details when you call someone on the phone like the individual you are phoning is informed of the time of the call, call duration and your location.

Callback feature

The Callback feature is used to inform the InCallService and the Android server telecom that the call under consideration has changed. Any change to the Call’s connection, state, and related phone numbers are examples of this. 

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Conference call

A conference call is just like a phone call in which several people take part. Skype is the best example of conference calls that can be used to conduct calls over the phone or the internet.

In a conference call, everyone can often hear one another. A selected leader frequently moderates the Call and has the power to muffle particular participants as needed.


This app can transport both audio and video traffic. Any device that can accept or make a call is referred to as an “endpoint,” including a phone, computer, IP phone etc. The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is commonly used for connections between two endpoints.

Connection request

Connection requests are used to set up connections between two devices such as when connecting to a new network They can also be used to ask for different kinds of connections such as a fresh database connection.

It is crucial to provide all required information when submitting a connection request so that the organization can handle it appropriately. This can cause the request to be rejected or delayed.

Phone Account

The Phone Account is used to send or receive calls whenever you make one. It includes account metadata such as the kind and attributes of the account as well as an identifier that the account can only be identified by.

This is helpful for differentiating between calling protocols like VoIP, SIP, and PSTN. Additionally, a PhoneAccount may handle and keep track of calls made or received using a particular account.

How to fix the ‘com android server telecom’ error message?

I know that you are facing some issues while using com android server telecom and I am here to get you rid of this problem. Let’s have a look at the fixes without wasting any time!

Restart your Android device

The first fix that you can immediately try is to restart your device. Numerous factors can contribute to error. You only need to restart your Android phone to resolve the server telecom error. This will frequently resolve any connection issues and enable your Phone to properly connect to the server.

Clear your cache data

If the problem persists then you have to clear your cache data. Try the following steps to clear the cache data.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Choose Notifications & Apps.
  • Tap applications
  • Go to com.android.server.telecom.
  • A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Then select Clear Cache Data.

Update your Android version

Do you still experience issues with your phone’s com.android.server.telecom? By updating your Android version, you can address the issue. 

You can check the setting for the About Phone option to see what version of Android you are using. For an Android version update:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click on About Phone
  • Click on system update.
  • Look for any updates.
  • Press install.

Factory reset

If all the above solutions don’t work then you should try factory reset. But keep remember to take backup of important data because your data will be lost after resetting the factory. Follow these instructions to conduct a factory reset on your Android device:

  • Go to settings
  • Then select Backup & Reset.
  • Go to the Factory Data Reset menu.
  • Click Reset Device

What Does Used Android Settings Mean?

The term “used Android settings” refers to a user accessing the Settings app on an Android device to change system or application settings. This can entail altering the wallpaper, turning on or off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, providing access to particular rights, or tweaking security settings. 

What Is Used Com TCL Android Launcher?

A user interface called the TCL Android launcher was created to make it simple for users to locate and run their preferred programmes on an Android device. 

It offers easy access to regularly used apps and widgets that let users fill their home screens with data such as the current weather, breaking news, and other items. It also has features like customizable icon sets, app shortcuts, and folder organization.

How to use the TCL Android launcher:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and type “TCL Android Launcher”
  • Tap to install
  • After it has been installed, open the app
  • Add widgets to your home screen or create directories for your programmes.

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