How to Have 3 WhatsApp Accounts on one Phone (Solved)

Hi there, this is gonna be an interesting topic that we’re discussing today which is How To Have 3 WhatsApp Accounts on one Phone. This is tricky yet interesting to read and write and so without any further due, let’s dive in…

3 WhatsApp Accounts on one Android Phone

In this article, I’m about to share 3 methods by which you can use 3 Whatsapp Accounts on one Android Phone. These methods are very simple and I’ll try to share a Video Tutorial with each so you can learn it visually and be able to replicate the steps

Method 1: By Using Parallel Space

You can run 2 same apps on 1 Smartphone by using Parallel Space on both Android and iOS Devices. It’s really simple and easy to follow steps by which you can replicate almost any app you want in your smartphone. We’ll also use it’s Lite version to use 3 versions at the same time.

Method 2: By Using Parallel Space Lite

You can install Parallel Space and it’s Lite Version, if you want to use 3 WhatsApp at the same time. Follow these steps:

  • Download and Install Parallel Space Lite on Android Phone
  • Open the App, and you’ll find WhatsApp there
  • Add WhatsApp to Parallel Space

This way now you have 3 WhatsApp accounts up and running in the single smartphone and the best part is, it didn’t require any root or root access so you’re good to go.

Youtube Video Explaining How to use 3 WhatsApp Accounts on one iPhone

Method 3: WhatsApp Alternatives

Now the 3rd method revolves around using WhatsApp Alternatives like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, if you are someone who is concerned with Privacy, I don’t recommend you to go for it as Researchers found that these forked apps are not secure and it’s always recommended not to go with these.

But if you are not concerned with your privacy you can install these apps, these are not illegal but against WhatsApp policies so it’s better to use the above methods rather than using such apps.

Risks of WhatsApp Alternatives

There are several risks of using WhatsApp Alternatives like Gb WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus. These apps are not secure at all and you have to use them at your own risk.

What we mean by non-secure is there is no end-to-end encryption which means that your messages might be read by some third party persons and if you didn’t wanted this to happen don’t try these methods.

They also want access of things it’s not required which makes them much worse than any other moded App. If you wanted to test it for educational purposes, Yes! you can but don’t share any sensitive information with them.

Alternative to Parallel Space

You can use apps like AppClone to have the duplicate of WhatsApp and if you’re using ParallelSpace and AppClone at the same time, you could have more than 5 WhatsApp accounts up and running at the same time which is absolutely great.

Is It Possible to have More than 3 WhatsApp in one Phone

Yes, as a matter of fact it is possible and it’s very easy to do so. As there are several apps available there on Play Store and App Store, we can use them to have copy of the apps we want. We can also use these apps at the same time so we can usemore than 3 WhatsApp at the same time.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about how you can Install 3 WhatsApp Accounts on one Phone either Android or iPhone. I’ve shared 3 methods along with a video Tutorial by which you’ll be able to do this easily.

At the end, we have talked about some alternatives, risks of using Alternatives of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and Whatsapp plus and the alternatives of Parallel Space which is AppClone, another interesting app that provides to clone Apps easily.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section and don’t forget to share and read our recent guide on: Delete Fetch Rewards Account and stay tuned for me

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