Guided Access Android: What is it & how to turn on?

Hello Everyone! I Know that you want to know about guided access android: What is it and how you can turn on android! Believe me I am here to guide you after searching for hours and hours. Stay with us till the end.

Guided Access Android is a lockdown feature that enables you to control access to certain functions by pinning your device screens to a specific app or screen. This will also help you to control how your children use your phone.

The most widely used operating system for enterprises is Android. Android Guided Access is an amazing feature that is similar to Apple’s Guided Access on iPhones and iPads that helps in preventing unauthorized usage of company-owned or commercially available devices including kiosk, point-of-sale and tablets.

What is Guided Access on iOS?

I know that you are already aware about Guided Access on iOS that is used to lock your iPhone screen and other settings like the volume buttons, sleep/wake button, touch etc. The Guided Access passcode which was pre-configured must be entered at the beginning of the Guided Access session in order to end it.

Guided Access android samsung?

If you have a question, does android have guided access? How to activate guided access on android? The the answer is right here. Yes! android devices have guided access but need little effort because it is not built-in feature. You can implement Guided Access on Samsung and Android devices by using the Screen Pinning feature that is used to restrict the devices access to particular programmes. A PIN must be entered each time the app is to be “unpinned”. Screen pinning is the best alternative of guided access for android.

How to Enable or activate Screen Pinning for Guided Access?

If you want to activate screen pinning android then you need to turn it. Follow the following steps to enable screen pinning for guided access android

  • Go to settings
  • Click Security & location and then tap Screen pinning.

How to Use Screen Pinning for guided access android?

Screen pinning is simple to utilize after it has been activated. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Select the app you would like to lock.
  • Press the app switcher icon to access the app switcher.
  • Then click the thumbtack icon
  • The selected app is pinned on the screen.
YouTube video on guided access android

How to enable or turn on Guided Access on Android and Samsung devices using kiosk mode?

What is android kiosk mode? You can implement guided access mode for android devices using Kiosk Mode. Follow the simple and easy steps.

  • Select the Device Mgmt tab on the MDM (mobile device manager) console.
  • Select Profiles>Create Profile
  • Click continue after entering details
  • Choose Kiosk
  • Select Single App (or Multi App Kiosk)
  • Enter the app name(s) 
  • You can also customize background
  • Set up the Kiosk profile’s additional Device Restrictions
  • Select Edit Screen Layout and drag and drop the icons that you want to choose.
  • Then be saved and published
  • Go to Device Mgmt>Groups & Devices>Devices in the menu.
  • Select any app to test the profile’s functionality.

This is how you can implement guided access on android device, non Samsung android devices and other mobile devices.

Advantages of Android Guided Access

Business companies have gained a number of advantages from guided access on Android utilizing Mobile Device Manager Plus. Have a look at the advantages.

Quickly Install 

MDM enables several Android devices to be deployed in Kiosk at once without difficulty. The initial setup procedure is quick and easy since MDM offers bulk enrollment of devices using different enrollment approaches to support BYOD, COPE, and COSU settings. This is advantageous, particularly in large organizations with several departments and specialized device needs.

Safe data and devices

Single app Kiosk devices have a greater likelihood of being lost or stolen because they are typically used by contractors or remote workers. MDM offers the Remote alarm option to aid in locating the device and the Geotracking feature to assist in finding them. Additionally, utilizing Lost Mode, the devices can be totally locked.


Wrapping up

This is all that you need to know about guided access android. You can easily enable it on android by using kiosk mode or screen pinning. You can lock and pin the apps that you want by following our above mentioned guidelines. Tell us about your experience with techno crisp through email or comment section.

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