How to Make Someone’s Phone Ring if it’s on Silent [Solved 2022]

There are some situations in which it becomes mandatory to make someone’s phone ring even if it’s on silent. In a state of emergency, how do you do it? This blog explains all.

Whether you accidentally hit the silent switch or purposefully put it on silent mode. These handy tips will show you how to make someone’s phone ring if it’s on silent, so you can finally reach them in the hour of trouble.

How to Make Someone’s Phone Ring even if it’s on Silent

Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS phone you can make it ring in any situation except that your phone speaker is not in working condition. On an Android device, you can use an app like MacroDroid that have advanced capabilities.

In MacroDroid, you can assign your device advanced features and it makes it possible to make the target phone ring even if it’s on Silent. There is also a feature where if you send a message “Call” to the target phone, the target phone will call you even if it’s someone’s pocket.

You can also add a custom feature that lets the phone ring, even if it’s on silent mode when the target or client receives a call from your number. The advanced capabilities of MacroDroid let this happens seamlessly.

For an iOS device, it needs to be jailbroken to have such custom features available to its users. For the sake of security reasons, it’s not recommended to perform such operations on an iOS device and it’s better to leave it on silent or use the Volume buttons to make it ring.

How Do You Bypass Silent Mode?

There are some reasons you might need to bypass the target’s smartphone on silent mode and make their phone ring. Maybe you’re trying to get in touch with a friend or family member who is in an emergency situation

Now, if you are on an Android phone, you can bypass the Lock Screen with the help of some software. You can take the sim out of the mobile phone and then you can perform a factory data reset or you can bypass the lock screen to help someone.

Wondershare has developed software to bypass the lock screen and there are a couple of ways to get rid of the screen lock. It’s recommended to factory data reset the phone and then you can insert the sim in to contact someone from his family.

In most cases, only volume buttons can solve the issue. Whether your mobile phone is locked you can still use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to get bypass the Silent mode.

If your volume up or volume down buttons are not working then you can use settings then you can go to media, and there you will find the option to select the mode, from there you can convert it from Silent to Ring mode.


Helping someone in the hour of need is a great act of kindness and everyone should practice it. If you have found some phone in a road accident you wanna contact the parents of guardians of the victim, you can follow these tips above.

These steps will help you to get in touch with the victim’s guardians so they can come and rescue him. In short, you can use the Volume buttons to make sure the phone will ring, you can put the sim out and put it into some other phone and contact their parents, you can use some kinda recovery software to bypass the lock screen and then turn the ring mode on.

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