Best Android Emulator for iOS 2023 | Top 6 Picks

Do you want to run android apps on your iPhone or iPad? All you require is an effective Android Emulator for iOS. If you want to play games and want to use other android apps that are not compatible with the iPhone then you must look for the best emulator.

I am here with the top-ranked 8 best Android Emulator for iOS 2023 that surely solve your problem. You can enjoy a variety of fantastic android apps without any difficulty. So read our blog till the end for better understanding.

Can I Run an Android App on an iOS Device?

If you are wondering, Can I run an Android app on an iOS device? The quick answer is both yes and no. Out of the box, Apple’s iOS does not support Android apps. Thanks to some innovative developers and advancements in technology who made this impossibility to possible.

You can use an iOS emulator for android to emulate the Android operating system on your Apple device and use Android apps. However, it’s important to remember that this procedure isn’t always simple and their performance can change.

Top 6 Best Android Emulators for iOS

It can be difficult to choose the best emulator through the abundance of Android emulator for iOS programs of 2023. I am here with the top 6 best android emulator for iOS after searching for hours and hours. Let’s have a look at them.


iAndroid provides a simple experience without requiring a jailbreak. iAndroid is the champion among all emulators. You can easily operate without any issue on a variety of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Keep remember that you must be using iOS 6 or later.

High quality graphics and simple to useuse a lot of battery
Complete access to all android apps
Free to install

How to download iAndroid?

Follow the simple steps to install iAndroid.

  • Firstly download the Cydia application from
  • After completion, click to “Manage”
  • Next, choose “Sources” and select “iAndroid”
  • Complete the instructions to install iAndroid.


If you are a big gaming fan then you can use this superb GBA4iOS emulator. You can easily play all your favorite console game series and genres on your iOS smartphone by using GBA4iOS.

Provides connection to Google DriveNumerous consumers remark the declining quality of Android services
Provides Safari browser compatibility for downloading ROM filesDoes Not provide direct downloading as it is not part of the app store.
Easy access to all the gamesIt also require high processing power

How to download GBA4iOS?

Follow the simple steps to install GBA4iOS.

  • Go to the AppValley homepage and then install the app.
  • Open AppValley after installing and Look for GBA4iOS.
  • Click the “GBA4iOS” option for downloading and complete the instructions.

iNDS Emulator

One of the top-rated Android emulators that has earned recognition across the globe for its incredible gaming performance. One thing that I love the most is this Android emulator for iPad can be used without having to jailbreak an iOS device.

simple to play every Nintendo DS gamephones become too hot
suitable for the majority of iOS devicesCause technical challenges for beginners
ensures a lag-free and efficient gaming experience

How to install the iNDS emulator?

  • Visit by using Safari browser and download the tweakbox app
  • Once the installation is completed then go to Settings> General>Menu.
  • Look for the iNDS app and click it to install it.

Appetize iOS Emulator

You can access any app on iOS or Android without downloading by using Appetize Emulator. I am sure that you will find this feature useful. A customer can view a live app preview in their web browser by using the Appetize emulator. It can also be used in contact centers and customer care settings to enable mobile apps to be used directly on PCs by customer service agents.

available on all current web browsersNot suitable for gaming
no further downloads or plugins are necessary
provides a streamlined user experience

How to download Appetize?

  • Go to the official website.
  • Create an app account if you don’t have one already and then log in.
  • Tap “Upload” to select your file that you want to upload like iOS or Android file.
  • Type in your email address to receive the link to the app. Observe the directions provided.

Dalvik Emulator

The Myriad group introduced the Dalvik Emulator that provides the highest level of security and functions without stuttering or interfering with other programmes on the smartphone. It’s performance is excellent on iPad and iPhone.

Applicable for both the iPhone and the iPaduses a lot of the internal storage
doesn’t clash with other phone appsInstalling is a difficult task
provides a streamlined user experience

How to install Dalvik?

  • Firstly download the Cydia application from
  • After completion, click to “Manage”
  • Next, choose “Sources” and select “Dalvik”
  • Complete the instructions to install Dalvik.

iEMU Emulator

A great Android and iOS emulator is iEMU. It is suggested because it functions properly and offers a variety of decent customization choices. It is a good iOS emulator that will provide users access to iOS in ways they previously couldn’t.

demonstrates the iOS operating system on an Android The application has advertising, which might prove a little annoying.
free and simple to use
not requiring root access.

How to download iEMU emulator?

  • Firstly download the Cydia application from
  • After completion, click to “Manage”
  • Next, choose “Sources” and select “iEMU”
  • Complete the instructions to install iEMU.

What Is the Best Android Emulator for iOS?

Even the aforementioned list has several top android emulator recommendations for iOS devices but if you still left wondering, Which is the best? The answer mostly depends on personal preferences.

Honestly speaking, I recommend iAndroid because it offers a hassle-free experience without delving into the complexities of jailbreaking. It is simple to install and has high quality graphics.

Let me clear one thing that there is no emulator that can perfectly replicate the Android experience on an iOS device. There will always be some limitations but for those eager to dip their toes into Android waters without committing to a new device, emulators are a blessing.

In Which Cases Can You Use Android Emulator for iOS?

Android emulator for mac aren’t just about playing around. They can be useful in several scenarios:

Testing and Development: Developers wanting to test how their apps run on Android can use emulators to simulate the experience.

Gaming: Some games exclusive to Android can be accessed on iOS devices via emulators.

Educational Purposes: For those learning about app development and operating systems, emulators offer a hands-on experience.

App Demos: Companies can demo Android apps for potential customers or stakeholders on an iOS device.

Personal Use: Maybe there’s an Android-only app you’d love to use on your iPhone. Emulators make this possible.

Potential Issues While Using Android Emulator for iOS

Android emulator for iOS present a fascinating opportunity to run Android apps on an Apple device but as with all innovative technology, there are certain issues one might encounter. Here’s a breakdown:

Performance Lag: Emulating another operating system is no small feat. Running Android on an iOS platform might lead to slower performance or stutters.

Battery Drain: Emulation usually requires more resources, potentially leading to quicker battery drain on your iOS device.

Incompatibility Issues: Not all Android apps are compatible with every Android emulator available for iOS. There might be instances where your favorite app doesn’t run or malfunctions.

Usability Concerns: The interface between Android and iOS is distinct. Users might find the transition between two operating systems jarring or non-intuitive.

Potential Security Risks: Downloading and running emulators might expose your device to malware or other security vulnerabilities if not sourced from trustworthy providers.

Comparison of Android Emulator for iOS and Remote Control App

When it comes to accessing Android functionalities on an iOS device, one might consider either an Android emulator or a remote control app. But which one should you choose? Let’s compare:


Android Emulator for iOS: Emulates the Android OS, allowing you to run Android on iOS device.

Remote Control App: Allows you to control an Android device remotely from your iOS device. You’re essentially seeing and controlling a mirrored version of the Android screen.


Android Emulator for iOS: Might be slower due to the emulation process.

Remote Control App: Offers smoother experience, reliant on the internet connection.


Android Emulator: Limited to the compatibility of the emulator itself.

Remote Control App: Runs any app that’s on the Android device you’re controlling.


Android Emulator: Potential risks if downloaded from unreliable sources.

Remote Control App: Generally safer, especially if using established apps with encrypted connections.


Can I use Android emulators for iOS without jailbreaking?

Yes, there are several Android emulator for iOS available that don’t require a jailbroken device. You can easily run android on iOS.

Is there a significant difference in quality between an Android emulator and a remote control app?

It varies. Emulators might have performance lags, while remote control apps rely on connection quality.

Wrapping up

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you navigate the exciting realm of Android emulator for iOS. Always remember to prioritize the safety and ensure that you are downloading software from trusted sources.

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